Frequently asked questions

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What is Life Sanctuary?
Life Sanctuary is a multiplayer online survival game. In a persistent post-apocalyptic real-time world in which you play as a survivor. Your goal will be to keep a maximum of days with the other inhabitants of your city against the dangers. At the end of each game (so at your death), you will receive experience proportional to the quality of your survival, which will improve your next survivors.
Yeah.. well.. but how did you get this AWESOME idea?
We are lovers of survival games, both on browser and PC. Through our experiences, we have seen rehearsals through the different parts we played, as well as a lack of interaction with other players. So, we had the idea to create a game where each party offers a new experience influenced by the choice of players.
Wait.. who are those genius?
We are seven students in computer expertise at the end of studies. More information about us is available in the Team section.

The game

The context
It was during a project of end of study that we had the idea of this game. A lot of research took place in order to validate the specifications of Life Sanctuary. A jury made up of entrepreneurs ensured the smooth running of this work. The idea was to create a game that meets the desires of the players and ourselves.
Release date
A beta version is planned for June 2018. As for the final version, the date is not fixed.
This game seems awesome! How can I help you?
A Tipeee is in place. Do not hesitate to consult the News section regularly to keep you informed!
Will I have to pay for this game?
No, the game will be available for free download. However, you can access if you want to cosmetics paid (Goodies, skins, titles ...).
Ok by I only have a toaster, will I be able to play?
We will make sure the game is available on a maximum of platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Steam ...). Sorry for your toaster, we'll do our best!