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Collecting provisions from the ruins of the Zone is enough for a time, but it is rare that a Sanctuary survives entirely of rapine and hunting. Some of the most enterprising will learn to work the sick and hostile land of a nature gone mad: they are the farmers, those who feed a Sanctuary. Farmers are a specialization who invest for the long term. They can plant crops, raise livestock, and build farms to protect them. When this is not possible, a farmer can use his breeding skills to tame the wild animals they encounter and domesticate them. A farmer is useful to a group that has already chosen where to build their Sanctuary: their needs for specific facilities and the time their skills provide to provide benefits make them unsuitable for a nomadic life. However, once settled and active, farmers are a powerful asset to any Sanctuary.
Farmers' skills are focused on three main areas:
  • Advanced agriculture: a farmer can plant and grow all kinds of vegetation in large quantities.
  • Advanced cooking: a farmer can use basic food to create more complex and nutritious dishes.
  • Advanced farming: a farmer can breed any type of domesticable animal. It can also breed normally non-domestic animals if they have been previously captured by an explorer.
Whatever skills a farmer chooses to develop, it can make life more enjoyable for a whole Sanctuary.


If some seek the comfort of the walls of a Sanctuary, for others the real life is elsewhere. Fascinated by a world transformed and unknown, or consumed by the passion of hunting a new game, they prefer to work alone and return to their Sanctuary only occasionally. They spend most of their time in the open air, mapping the map of a new world at the randomness of their wanderings. Explorers are both hunters, trappers and cartographers. For the use of ranged weapons, they only have equals as soldiers, but they do not develop close combat skills. Instead, they are able to stalk monsters or game, lay a variety of traps, and move faster than other classes. They are masters in the art of fighting from afar and on favorable terrain, and are the only class capable of drawing reliable maps of the areas they have explored. Finally, their metabolism accustomed to lack allows them to survive hunger longer. In a Sanctuary, explorers are priceless on many levels. Their hunts and wanderings often push them to discover rare resources or ruins filled with treasures, which they can search themselves or from which they report the position to their Sanctuary, then organizing an exploratory expedition. For groups without a sanctuary, they are the most reliable food purveyors, able to slaughter any game and bring back the meat. Finally, they allow the sanctuaries they live to build reliable maps of their environments, and their expeditions often allow them to warn of distant threats and allow the city to better prepare for their arrival.
The skills of an explorer focus on the following three areas:
  • Advanced survival: an explorer is an outstanding survivor. These skills increase one's physical skills to reflect this - reduced physical needs, increased speed of movement, resistance to poisons and radiation ...
  • Advanced Hunting: Skills covering the use of simple and complex distance weapons, as well as the manufacture and use of traps and traps of all kinds.
  • Exploration: skills that cover the ability to draw a map, as well as remotely detect potential resources and ruins - as well as monsters, threats or dangers of all kinds. In many ways, the explorer is the vanguard of a Sanctuary, and his best defense against unpleasant surprises.
No Sanctuary will survive long without a good explorer.


Habits are a second nature - everyone does not have the idea of having to kill to live with the same ease. Some survivors even completely reject the idea - without condemning their allies for what they have to do, they focus their own efforts on preserving life, rather than destroying it. They are called doctors. Doctors have a more complex role than their name suggests. They are, of course, masters of healing - they have learned to heal any injury or illness that someone can contract in the Zone. But they are also experts in prevention - master strategists and tacticians, they have developed techniques and tools to get the most out of terrain in combat. Finally, they can build from easily available components potions and consumables that can be a little weak but have the merit of being reliable. In a Sanctuary, the role of a doctor is clear - to make sure everyone is in good health. If he can heal his allies, he can also offer temporary vaccination against certain effects, such as Contagion with Suicide and Radiation Poisoning. If this role is already fulfilled, a doctor can turn to making medicine for his sanctuary - or accompany the soldier, explorer or hunter in their expeditions to help them in combat thanks to his tactical abilities.
The skills of a doctor are oriented towards the following three areas:
  • Advanced Surgery: a series of skills that cover the treatment of various injuries and diseases, in addition to a series of preventive procedures such as vaccinations.
  • Advanced pharmacy: all the necessary skills for the creation and preservation of a variety of medicines and objects of care usable by any class.
  • Advanced tactics: skills whose sole purpose is to help in combat. Includes the use of unique tools to the physician, and the ability to create canopy in unobstructed areas.
The inclusion of a doctor in a sanctuary goes without saying - without him, even the smallest of wounds can have fatal implications, and any fight can quickly go wrong.


Every great adventure begins with a first step. Out of the rubble of a now forgotten civilization, the characters of Life Sanctuary leave their old lives behind and start a new one, a life of combat and survival: the life of the Zone. Adventurers are the basic class of Life Sanctuary: any new character must begin there before finding a specialization. The adventurous class contains vital but basic skills: it covers the fundamentals of survival, but will prove insufficient in the face of the dangers of the Zone. Adventurers do not have a specific role in a sanctuary: handymen, they can provide support where needed, but have nothing unique to offer. If all the vital needs of a Sanctuary are covered by its specialists, there is no harm in staying adventurous to bring its presence to problems that require a large amount of hands - otherwise, your allies will be better served by a change of class on your part to cover his lack.
Adventurers do not have an area of expertise, but their skills focus on three general areas:
  • Use of simple objects
  • Simple construction
  • Simple harvest As long as a task does not require specific specialization, an adventurer is perfect to fill it.
They are the spearhead of any new Sanctuary.


Living in the Zone requires more than hope and good intentions. Some survivors will soon learn the importance of killing to survive- or re-kill, in many cases. The walls are seldom enough to hold on to a nature of teeth and claws, and someone must be there to take care of monsters born of the Suinta. Some decide to become the guardian angels of their Sanctuary: the soldiers. Soldiers learn to build and use all kinds of weapons. They are stronger, stronger and faster than others in combat situations, and are the only ones who can cope with the most dangerous monsters of the Sun. While most survivors can hunt weak zombies with a pointed stick, many other horrors roam the Zone - monsters that only a soldier would have a chance to fight. Within a Sanctuary, the role of a soldier is clear: protective, but also general. If his fighting skills are well above average, they do not represent everything he is capable of. From raw materials found in the Zone, a soldier can craft all kinds of simple weapons with which to arm other survivors. In addition, if someone found relics from the time before the bombs, only a soldier would have the ability to repair them and use them.
Soldier skills focus on the following three areas:
  • Advanced Body Development: These skills increase the soldier's personal stats and elevate him to superman.
  • Advanced Weapons: Covers the construction and use of weapons of all kinds. A soldier is not limited in his selection and has access to all weapons in the game.
  • Advanced Leadership: A soldier can lead other players, his mere presence inspiring his allies to surpass themselves. Leadership skills allow the soldier to increase the stats of his allies in a variety of ways.
A soldier is always a vital asset for any Sanctuary.


Survivors quickly learn that the ruins before the bombs are no longer habitable. Flooded by the Sun and infested with mutants, they now represent a constant danger rather than the shelter they were. It is up to others to build the foundations of a new civilization: they are called builders. Builders are simple to understand - they build what others use. No building is beyond the skill of a builder, and while they can of course build houses and shelters, they also know how to provide other classes with the buildings they need to do their jobs. In addition, they are also trained in demolition, able to handle all kinds of explosives to free up areas of rubble or open a new path within ruins. Finally, they can use a range of specialized tools to work the terrain around them, and potentially terraform large areas to make them more livable. Within a Sanctuary, the builder serves a large number of roles. He can of course build the buildings if nobody else can do it, but when this task is already covered, his work is not finished. It is up to him to ensure that the sanctuary can grow or improve its access to surrounding resources, or combat the presence of the Suinta. He may also choose to accompany explorers and soldiers in the exploration of ruins, helping them by opening normally unexplorable channels with his explosives.
The skills of a builder focus on the following three areas:
  • Advanced Architecture: A builder can build any type of building or infrastructure.
  • Advanced demolition: The use of heavy explosives for demolition or combat, as well as the expertise required for their construction.
  • Terraforming: A suite of skills related to the manipulation of the environment. Whether cleaning a riverbed, softening difficult terrain or purifying an irradiating area, all this is possible for a good builder.
Without a builder, you can not even talk about Sanctuary. In many ways, builders are the ones by whom everything starts.


The first contact with the Oozes and mutations caused by bombs sometimes traumatic for the most impressionable survivors, but for some others it opens up new perspectives .... If the old sciences fail to explain what has happened to the world, then perhaps it is better to be the pioneer of new darker knowledge? After all, no great discovery has been made without a little madness ... The undertakers are specialists in non-life. They see the Zone with a different eye than the other survivors: not as a threat, but as a source of opportunity. They conduct research on monsters brought back by their allies, and draw unsuspected resources. Without big risks, no big profits, that's their motto. Capable of raising zombies packs like dogs hunts, they provide services which, although sometimes unsavory, have the merit of being unique. Often the black duck of a Sanctuary, the undertaker, however, has several vital roles. Alchemists, they are the only ones able to permanently destroy the bodies of mutants or zombies, and thus to prevent their infections from spreading. Their dark research allows them to discover all sorts of concoctions capable of weakening, knocking down or softening the monsters from the outside. Finally, they can create or breed their own mutants, powerful assets that can sometimes be unpredictable or uncontrollable.
The skills of an undertaker focus on the following three areas:
  • Advanced Alchemy: From normally unusable materials, an undertaker can create a wide variety of potions with sometimes dangerous but still useful effects.
  • Purification: An undertaker is the only one capable of purifying areas and creatures corrupted by radiation.
  • Advanced necromancy: An undertaker is able to raise or even, under certain conditions, to create his own mutants.
If some people think that an undertaker represents a danger in itself, their services are always priceless and proportional to the risks.