The team behind the game

Team Leader & Developer
Very occasional player, developer (because system administration is my passion). I joined the Life Sanctuary team to know a little more about the world of game development. I like calm evenings even if I'm hyperactive. Coffee is life !

Developer Game & Website
Gamer and passionate about development, the fact of being able to develop a game is a great experience for me. Even if I'm a FPS fan, I also greatly appreciate MMORPGs. I hope to be able to offer you the best possible gameplay experience, no matter how many sleepless nights I have to spend !

Developer Client
Passionate developer, I like coding, eating, coding while eating and eating code. I'm a fan of survival roleplaying games and it is with joy that I contribute to the development of Life Sanctuary, and I hope to deliver you a fun and addictive game that will offer something new in its category.

Developer & designer
I have always played a lot, especially survival games, and I always loved drawing and other graphical arts. Developing games has always been an unreachable dream, at least the way I envisioned it. Life Sanctuary gives me the opportunity to act on that dream, and the team being very competent and active makes the experience all the more valuable to me. Thus, the creation of Life Sanctuary allows me to flourish as a developer and as a graphic artist.

Community Manager & Web Developer
Developer and community manager, I've been passionate about gaming since my childhood. Having the imagination of a 5 years old in a body 4 times too old, I always find something new to create, as absurd at it can sometimes be. I prefer chocolate bread to chocolate-in-bread, and I wet my toothbrush before spreading the toothpaste. Looking forward to bumping into you at a street corner in Life Sanctuary !

Web Developer
Gamer, developer and webmaster, in that order. I like cold over heat and dogs over cats. I take care of the server, security and authentification. I like japanese food and calm evenings.

Web Developer
Developer and passionate gamer ! I explored Hyrule, the Aperture Science research center and many other places in from and through. Please send me pics of cats and foods, for the good of your soul. :D I take care of the website's design and I like CSS ahah !